The Benefits & Myths behind jade rollers

Jade rollers are having a limelight moment, but these tools have been a staple of beauty routines since seventh-century china. essentially, they’re handheld face massagers made of green jade or pink quartz that promise users a more youthful, healthful glow.

Most jade rollers, have two ends—one with a larger roller and the other smaller, meant to target different lines across your face.

With their popularity skyrocketing, a simple online search brings up hundreds of benefits to jade rolling. Some sounded a bit too good to be true, so we dug a little deeper to decipher the actual medicinal benefits versus myths.

how to use a jade roller

Want to try? Be sure to roll in the correct direction with medium pressure.

1. Start with a fresh, clean face.

2. Apply a few drops of moisturizer or serum to your face.

3. Roll it out, working along your natural face shape (don’t press too hard) and toward your ears.

Medical Benefits

An excuse for a trip to the store

  1. Increases circulation: Most dermatological studies agree that jade rolling increases circulation across your face, similar to the result you can get from exercising.
  2. Eases puffiness: Jade rolling increases lymphatic drainage because you’re rolling toward your lymph nodes (to your ears), draining stagnant lymph.
  3. Smooths wrinkles: Lymph reduction also aids in wrinkle reduction, similar to puffiness.
  4. Reduces jaw and brow tension: Much like a facial massage, jade rollers can stimulate the muscles in both your jaw and brow. If done correctly, it can reduce tension in both.

Medical Myths

Don't believe everything you hear

  1. Encourages collagen production: Jade rolling stimulates blood flow, but will not affect the natural collagen production in your face.
  2. Treats acne: There’s no medical reason that a jade roller will prevent or treat acne.
  3. Increases penetration of skin-care products: Jade rolling does not stimulate your skin’s pores to open or close.

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