The Beauty of Micro Weddings

This year new trends have cropped up in the wedding world. Most notably, the evolution of the micro wedding. Learn more about the benefits of a small-scale ceremony from the Bellevue Club’s resident event expert.

What is a micro wedding?  

A micro wedding is a distilled or curated version of a traditional wedding. It usually has all the same bells and whistles but on a more intense and intimate level given the condensed guest list. This allows for more personal engagement with guests and family but does not do away with the memorable aspects of a traditional wedding.

Benefits of micro weddings

The biggest and most relevant benefit of a micro wedding is that the bride and groom can engage with their guests and family in a way that is not possible with a large wedding. Too often couples refer to their weddings as a blur or say they were unable to fully enjoy all the effort they put into planning because they are spread too thin. A smaller event allows you to savor the big day!

Food Features

A micro wedding allows for a momentous feast. Chefs can prepare items that don’t translate well to large gatherings. You can do a special wine parings per course or indulge with a chocolate soufflé. The intimacy of micro wedding lends itself to options that a large event just cannot—usually in the interest of time. You can even dance between courses if you want.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Generally, a micro wedding can provide enhanced décor and table amenities—specialty linens, unique glassware or chargers, escort cards—there are many special touches that are expensive in larger wedding scenarios or not available in quantity, such as vintage pieces. A micro wedding can accommodate the details that brides really love but often blow the budget.

Completely Customized

Similarly, a micro wedding allows you to go down the custom route and really have a visual and emotional impact since you don’t have the expense of providing these details for a much larger celebration. Perhaps it is customizing each menu with guest names, a more personalized welcome or takeaway gift, or setting a table that would wow a queen. The pandemic allowed many brides the opportunity to not worry about reciprocation of the college friend or the cousin once removed—it allows brides and grooms the ability to invest in their closest friends and family. Enjoy a micro weekend with 30 of your most cherished people in the style you can truly experience and enjoy!

Micro weddings at the Bellevue Club

The Bellevue Club has all the ingredients for a micro wedding and can even make it feel like a destination wedding. The hotel is connected so guests can enjoy the club’s amenities—which is especially great for kids, spa services, in-house dining, parking. We will make a micro wedding especially easy!

For more information, email or call our catering director, Alexis Berry, at 425.688.3380 or


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