Create a Family Meditation

With families home now more than ever, carving out a nook dedicated to relaxation can be very helpful in taming stress. Here are five fun ways to get started.


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  4. Woven Cave Chair, $699,
  5. Gathre Floor Cushions, $198–$218; MiniFloor Cushions, $72–$82,


Dedicate your space

Choose a corner of the house that is quiet, with no television or high-traffic areas. Add artwork or live plants to purify the air and give a sense of calm. Make it inviting for all members of the family.

Introduce mindfulness, but don’t force meditation

The best practice develops at the pace of the participant. Parents may have formed a need for daily calm, but younger kids may need some guided assistance. Some of the best meditation comes after a structured activity or movement practice.

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