Between the beaches, bustling cities and opportunities for a big adventure, Australia has a lot to offer. The Tailor is a luxury travel service with a Bellevue office that helps Pacific Northwesterners make the most of their trip. Australian native Matt Greenham, Luxury Travel Manager, fielded questions about the best ways to see the beautiful landscape and get to know the people.

Reflections magazine: Why should more people travel to Australia?

Matt Greenham: It is home to an incredibly diverse landscape. Whether you are seeking a luxurious tropical paradise, an adrenaline-inducing outback adventure or a relaxing, modern city escape, Australia has it all. You can enjoy heli-fishing in the country’s most remote and rugged landscapes, four-wheel-driving across ivory sand dunes, sitting by the campfire in the Tasmanian bushland after viewing wildlife, sampling exceptional wines from iconic wine regions and relaxing in luxury at world-class lodges.

RM: How can the Tailor plan and execute a unique Australian experience?

MG: With over two decades of creating exceptional hand-crafted journeys, we have built strong relationships with the top luxury travel providers around Australia. This has allowed us exclusive access to a number of awe-inspiring, authentic experiences. We also have the most experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated team of travel designers in the country.

RM: What are some of the most unique experiences available?

MG: We offer a number of unique experiences around the country that are jaw-dropping; however, our favorite ones include the following:

Man in Australia

Watch wild Bull and Buffalo Mustering

Not for the fainthearted, wild bull and buffalo mustering is a true “only in Australia” experience. Guests follow a team of Australian cowboys (ringers) as they muster wild bulls on a large, widely inaccessible farming property in outback Northern Territory.

In order to muster these animals, a helicopter is used to search the most remote sections of the property, and once located, the real fun begins. Watch as a ringer navigates the rugged terrain at high speeds to round up these wild beasts.

This action-packed, high-octane experience is wildly unique and 100 percent authentic. We have had a number of clients opt to experience this event, and every one of them has commented on how they would remember this moment for the rest of their lives.

Dyer Paspaley The Tailor Credit

Visit the iconic Paspaley Pearl Farm

Paspaley pearls are distinctive in Australia, providing the world with some of the rarest and most valuable South Sea pearls available. This exclusive opportunity allows clients to fly out to a Paspaley pearl farm on a private aircraft to discover the farming process and the techniques used to produce these exquisite world-class pearls.

You can fly over the stunning Kimberley Coast, landing on the water of one of Paspaley’s farms. The excitement is palpable during harvesting season, with the opening of each shell unveiling a perfect Pinctada maxima pearl. Paspaley guides will explain the history of the company and the challenges they faced.

From the farm, guests have the option to fly back to Darwin to receive an exclusive tour around the showroom and enjoy a rare opportunity to view some of Paspaley’s most exquisite and valuable pearls.

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